Best Place Remodel Your Bathroom in From El Paso TX to Los Angeles CA

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This video shows demolition of the old bathroom and how to install a shower pan for a walk in shower. We used real slate tiles for the main floor and real pebble rocks inside the shower floor. There is 12 x 12 porcelain tile used for the walls in the shower and on one entire wall on the outside the shower. Colored concrete is used for the vanity counter and sink, sills, shower threshold and shower seat. We also used barn wood from an old barn from the 1850s for the trim and vanity cabinet.  Remodeling your Bathroom is a Huge Job!  Whether you are in Los Angeles or El Paso this is something to take seriously.  Could be tile, stone, Granite or Solid Surface.  what you want is Attention to detail. Kitchen or Bathroom, Remodeling is serious business. Get it handled by qulaified pros!  El Paso Texas is a thirving city woth lots of room for growth.  Lost of old housing is around with old plubming and what not. Many homes in the El Paso Area are in need of Bathroom Remodeling. It’s just plain fact.


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